2016-2017 Guidelines

Officer Positions

  • The board will work with the head coach to make decisions about the team. The board will vote in certain situations when a decision can not be made. Majority ⅗ votes is needed for a decision to pass. The board will represent members of the team. If a member of the team that is not on the board feels strongly about a situation that person should speak to a board member. The board member should then relay the message to the board (and the coach depending on the situation) and a decision should be made. The member with the complaint should always be given a reason why a decision was made.
  • President – in charge of all paperwork and deadlines for: club sports, leagues, games, and tournaments
  • Vice President – assist president duties
  • Treasurer – maintains funds, works with board to create game schedule and tournament schedule related to funding
  • Secretary – takes attendance at all practices, if secretary is NOT present at practice another designated person (TBD) will take attendance, goes to all club sports meeting, take notes during team discussions/meetings
  • All players are expected to attend 75% of practices and conditioning leading up to tournaments and games. If a player is not present in at least 75% of practice and conditioning they will not play in tournaments and games.
    • an unexcused absence is an absence due to studying, work, personal dates (re: going to the bar, hanging with friends, etc.)
    • an excused absence is an absence due to illness, family issues, personal issues, exams, club sports meetings, specific review sessions that are offered ONLY during practice time, intramural games,
    • as a team we will WORK to try and make sure that everyone can show up during practice. we can and will accommodate if majority of the team cannot make a specific practice time.
  • Players are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled practice time and be ready to go at the exact practice time.
  • If a player cannot make a practice the player must tell at least one member of the board and the coach



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